»Music is a conduit that channels and reflects the human range of emotions, tuning, balancing, and healing our souls. […] That is why we should advocate and promote the awareness of the importance of Music, whether it is classical, ethnic, or popular Music. For as long as Music carries a pure message and charges its audience with positive energy, we musicians will fulfill the purpose of concertgoers and may foresee the revival of the recording industry. Otherwise, we will soon become homeless musicians – ›beggars‹ who are trying to sell something we believe in, while losing our believers. […] I must admit that listening to a studio recording is more challenging than watching a concert. The audial experience requires a higher level of concentration and patience than the visual. But we must learn to listen to music with our ears and not with our eyes. […] All we need to do is allow Music into our hearts. And She will reward us generously.«

»The chief aim of the musician is to never lose sight of the fact that music is a spiritual path to God or godliness.«

»Music is more than entertainment – it is a spiritual act!«