»Music is a means capable of expressing dark dramatism and pure rapture, suffering and ecstasy, fiery and cold fury, melancholy and wild merriment – and the subtlest nuances and interplay of these feelings which words are powerless to express and which are unattainable in painting and sculpture.«

»Real music is always revolutionary, for it cements the ranks of the people; it arouses them and leads them onward.«

»There is music that deserves undivided attention.«

»A great piece of music is beautiful regardless of how it is performed. Any prelude or fugue of Bach can be played at any tempo, with or without rhythmic nuances, and it will still be great music. That’s how music should be written, so that no-one, no matter how philistine, can ruin it.«

»If they cut off both hands, I will compose music anyway holding the pen in my teeth.«