Komponisten: J.S. Bach · R. Clarke · C. Debussy · G.U. Fauré · F. Liszt · F. Schubert
Viola: Richard Yongjae O’Neill
Klavier: Warren Jones

2005 Universal (Korea)
1CD |D|D|D| DU7325 |U|H|
K-VÖ-Datum: 04/2005
2005 — Gold (Südkorea)

»I felt privileged to record this piece in Germany with some of the world’s finest sound engineers, or tonmeisters as they call themselves in Germany. I had an excellent team from Deutsche Grammophon: Matthias Spindler, a very well-known and respected producer and Rainer Maillard, a great sound engineer and a great man. Working with Rainer and Matthias was a humbling experience, and one I will never forget. I have always respected the quality of sound that DG achieves, and I am so happy that the sound of the viola and piano was captured so well in this recording. All this said, I must say that I am very happy that the recording is done! I have recorded many chamber music albums for other labels, but this solo disc was a very new experience for me. I spent many hours preparing for it, and a very busy week in Hamburg recording it. Now that it is done, I feel relieved!«
Richard Yongjae O’Neill

Quelle: My first recording