In September Solo Musica releases a new LP with the participation of Compofactur – Matthias Spindler. The vinyl is different in a number of tracks.

Reflection, the new album by Yury Kunets, contains images that draw on a series of inspirations; from the beauty and magic of moonlight and the winter scenes of Yury’s homeland to nostalgia, spirituality and true introspection.

Yury Kunets says: »This music explores the true nature of reflection. I did not want to show reflection as a physical phenomenon, as in a mirror, but as a reflection of the spiritual being and the true picture of what is in it.«


Yury Kunets – Reflection

Composer: Yury Kunets
Arranger: Lee Holdridge
Piano: Yury Kunets
Orchestra: Münchner Symphoniker
Conductor: Lee Holdridge

2019 Solo Musica
1LP |D|D|A| SMLP 321
D/A/CH VÖ-Datum: 08/2019
Int. VÖ-Datum: 09/2019
N.B.: Executive Producer · Recording CoOrdinator · Team Player (Music Engraving · Music Preparation) · Music Publisher

Yury Kunets – Reflection (Trailer)