Composer: Yury Kunets
Arranger: Lee Holdridge
Piano: Yury Kunets
Orchestra: Münchner Symphoniker
Conductor: Lee Holdridge

2019 Solo Musica
1CD |D|D|D| SM 292
G/S/A Release Date: 06/2019
Int. Release Date: 07/2019
2019 — Choix de Classique HD (July)
2019 — Classique HD Album de la semaine (August)

»I sincerely hope that by listening to my works you will find your moment of reflection and find yourself in musical stories.« Yury Kunets (composer & pianist)

»I really want to invite you to listen to Yury’s music. I think you will find it very fresh, very emotional, very personal. It’s his own voice. The ones that we recorded […] they are each very different, they are very unique and […] they go in different directions, unexpected directions. It’s always a lot of fun to record these and to orchestrate them and to participate in this because you’ll discover that there is a lot more there than you think is there and then all of a sudden, you find this wealth of music and wealth of ideas. So I really want you to listen to it and really reflect on it because I think it will take you on some very beautiful journeys that you didn’t know that you would be able to take. It has a very classical romantic feeling to it. And that’s very refreshing all of a sudden, at this time in our century. It seems like we’ve been away from that for quite a while and it’s nice to come back around to it again and I think listeners will be very pleased.« Lee Holdridge (composer & arranger, 7× Emmy Award winner)

»Yury […] is the real thing, he is the genuine, gifted talent. His music is very melodic, it’s not boring in the sense that you don’t start to think ›I’ve heard this before, I know what he is going to do‹. At least the moment you start to think ›I might know what’s going to happen now‹, he always does something you are not expecting.« Christopher Alder (recording producer, 10× GRAMMY Award winner)

Yury Kunets – Reflection (Trailer)