With reference to § 12 BGB (German Civil Code) or § 5 MarkenG (German Trademark Act) I call upon protection of title for the following terms:

  • Compofactur*
  • Compofactory*
  • KompoFactur*
  • KompoFaktur*
  • MinZer*
  • SchwabenFreude*
  • Doof!*

Matthias Spindler
Weidestraße 99
D-22083 Hamburg

Hamburg, 01.07.1999

* in any spellings, fonts, combinations, word- and sign combinations, displays, alterations, abbrevations, titel combinations, extensions, all kinds of displays for any media, including all image- sound- and databases of any kind, radio & television, movie or sound products, sound file promotion, audiotexts, DVD (Digital Versatile Disc/Digital Video Disc) and MD (MiniDisc), CD-ROM, CDs, CD-R, CD-I, Domains and other databases as well as other audiovisual, digital and electronic media and networks, e.g. internet, intranet, extranet, including offline- and online-services, all other data- and communication-services and -networks and therelike, for all printware especially books and other printware, software-products, events and merchandising in any form.