The album The Film Scores and Original Orchestral Music of George Martin has won the 2017 Reel Music Award in the category »New Archival Release (Compilation)«.

Matthias Spindler, who was involved in this release as Co-Producer, Recording CoOrdinator & Music Engraver, is very happy for the artists: Champagne & Chapeau!

The Film Scores and Original Orchestral Music of George Martin

Composers: G.H. Martin · J.S. Bach
Arranger: George Henry Martin
Adaptation: Craig Leon · Wieland Reissmann · Matthias Spindler
Transcription: Thomas Höhl · Tim Jäckl
Flute: Aaron Dan
Violin: Cornelius Katzer
Fender Rhodes, Piano & Keyboards: Bene Aperdannier
eGuitar: Arto Mäkelä
eBass: Thomas Stieger
Drums: Felix M. Lehrmann
Choir: Berlin Music Ensemble Choir
Orchestra: Berlin Music Ensemble
Concertmasters: Wolfgang Bender · Cornelius Katzer
Conductor: Craig Leon

Recording Location: Meistersaal & Emil Berliner Studios, Berlin
Recording Date: 8-10 July, 2017
Executive Producers: Craig Leon · Adam Sharp
Producer: Craig Leon
Co-Producer & Recording CoOrdinator: Matthias Spindler
Preproduction & Mix Associate Producer: Cassell Webb Leon
Recording Engineer (Tonmeister), Editing & Mastering: Philip Krause
Assistant Engineers: Sidney Meyer · Daniel Kuhn
Music Copyist & Music Preparation: Matthias Spindler

2017 Atlas Réalisations
1CD |D|D|D| ARCD008
2LP |D|D|A| ARLP008L
Int. CD Release Date: 11/2017
2017 — Open Letters Monthly Norman Lebrecht’s Album of the Week (27 October)
2017 — WCRB Classical Radio Boston CD of the Week (6 November)
2017 — Classic FM Album of the Week (13 November)
2018 — 2017 Reel Music Award »New Archival Release (Compilation)«