Think first, act later

Reisz Mikrophon

As you know music recordings are aimed for eternity. However, average recordings do not have a long shelf life. Certainly this can have many reasons. The success of truly outstanding recordings starts not least with good planning – this can help eliminate manifold problems during the recording.

A few keywords: an artist should be certain of what he or she wants to record, and when. Also, you need to choose the right artistic partners, recording producers, recording engineers, the right hall or studio.

Here, as in so many other cases, the devil is in the detail. Various other factors are essential ingredients to make a recording special, a recording that is satisfactory on the artistic as well as on the production level and that stands out from the crowd. Only good planning ensures stress-free recording for the artists and the recording team.

Profit from the rich experience of Matthias Spindler, gained in around 240 recordings, from piano solo to Gustav Mahler’s »Symphony of a Thousand«. Within the given framework we will bring out the best.