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From many countries I am getting repeatedly positive and spontaneous feedback by eMail from renowned agents, arrangers, composers, conductors, orchestra librarians, musicians, music producers, recording engineers and record companies executives (for confidentiality reasons I left out the names of the persons!). Thank you very much for that!


»Sehr schöne Noten!!!«

»Dear Matthias,
Thank you SO MUCH for all your help and the great score you provided us in such short notice yesterday.
Have a great evening and hopefully see you soon!
All best wishes«

»Thank you very much for the cooperation and for the impeccable music material that you provided us. I hope that our collaboration will continue in future productions.«

»Niemand macht so schöne Noten wie Sie, Herr Spindler.«

»Die Noten sehen sehr professionell aus!«

»The package arrived perfectly fine yesterday, the rehearsal went well, the conductor praised the score as much better than what he has.«

»Moin Matthias, war spät gestern. Noten: super! Ohne wäre es undenkbar gewesen. Danke noch einmal für den super Einsatz.«

Danke, lieber Matthias. Wir sind schon voll dabei und es wird MEGA.«

»Lieber Matthias,
tausend Dank für Deine Turbo-Erledigung unseres Auftrags für Morgen im Meistersaal. Du bist der Wahnsinn!«

»Dear Matthias,
Thank you so much for your great work on these pieces! The scores look wonderful and I have no comments to give other than that much looking forward playing them! […] Your score looks perfect!«

»Danke für deine tolle Arbeit!«

»Dear Matthias,
Again, I want to say how great it is to collaborate with you, Matthias! Without you, this would not have been possible.«

»Dear Matthias,
First of all: you are the best! Thank you so much for everything. I am so grateful for everything you did for this production. I think it is going to be great. You have played a huge part in the development of this show.«

»Great work, vielen Dank!«

»Fabulous! thank you Matthias.«

»Excellent. Thanks for your work!«

»Dear Matthias,
Thanks for your diligent work on this.«

»Dear Matthias, Thanks for your work on this. It all looks perfect now!«

»Lieber Herr Spindler,
[…] Es ist alles perfekt angekommen – ein sehr schönes Material!«

»Superb job on the album!!!«

»Hi Matthias,
[…] It was wonderful meeting you, and thanks again for all your help on this project. We couldn’t have done it without you!«

»Hi Matthias,
Thanks…it went very well. Grateful for all your help.«

»All went well at rehearsal, thank you so much! Keep fingers crossed for tonight.«

»This looks great, Matthias. Thanks so much for your careful work on this.«

»Hi Matthias,
Thank you for your hard work, the sessions went very well. The musicians were very thankful because all the parts were very easy to read and play and it was perfect. […] It was a pleasure for me too and I am looking forward to working together again.«

»Hey Matthias,
It was a pleasure working with you; hope to meet one day. Take care.«

»I looked at the score and it looks fine. I glanced at a couple of the parts and they look great. I will just trust you on this :-)«

»Many thanks Matthias,
I am sure everyone is going to be very happy with how everything looks and is presented.«

»Dear Matthias,
Have a nice sleeping and remember you are really a very professional master of your matter!«

»Dear Matthias,
It looks great! Great done work! Thank you so much!!!«

»Matthias, I so appreciated your dedicated hard work, your conscientiousness and having you there was such a great relief as you were able to take care of our changes on the spot!«

»Lieber Herr Spindler!
Nun ist es endlich so weit: die gemeinsame CD ist erschienen. Ich bin sehr glücklich, daß sie, meinem Empfinden nach, so gut geworden ist. Dies ist nicht zuletzt auch Ihrer Arbeit zu verdanken. Ich finde, daß sich all die Mühe gelohnt hat.«

»Lieber Herr Spindler!
In jedem Falle danke ich ganz herzlich für Ihre penible und vor allem nicht zu beneidende Arbeit, die uns und dem gemeinsamen Projekt eine große Hilfe war.«

»Dear Matthias,
Thank you so much for the excellent work you did for us […]. No misprints.«

»Dear Mr. Spindler,
Again, many thanks for supplying us with your material. The fine quality of the parts made for a smooth rehearsal.«

»Hi Matthias,
Thanks again for your help. I really appreciated it.«

»Lieber Herr Spindler,
noch einmal herzlichen Dank für die fachkundige Bearbeitung der Orchesterstimmen – das Orchester klang in der Halle sehr gut.«

»Hallo Herr Spindler,
Ihre vorgenommenen Änderungen sind sehr gut – vielen Dank für Ihre fachkundige Bearbeitung! Wir bedanken uns noch einmal ausdrücklich für Ihre Anregungen!«

»Lieber Matthias,
›We believed in you‹ – und wurden nicht enttäuscht!«

Great work man. Thanks.«