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Composers_FanShop is offering high-quality printed fabrics and gifts specially designed for lovers and connoisseurs of classical music. The Composers_FanShop features T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, tote bags, backpacks, mousepads, smartphone holders and water bottles for sale, featuring 27 musical motifs in a range of colour combinations. Bach and Beethoven, Mahler and Mozart, Verdi and Wagner are at the heart of the initial collection. The shop, in collaboration with the clothing commerce platform Spreadshirt, can be found at the web address

Whether you’re a professional, an amateur or simply a fan, every classical music aficionado can wear his love for his favourite composer on his (or her!) sleeve – or a T-shirt. You can carry your scores to rehearsals in a tote bag displaying the Tristan chord – or make your way to a music lesson with the Beethoven logo on a baseball cap (rendering the question of whether you prefer Brahms or Mozart unnecessary…).

The motifs of famous composers, from the Baroque period to the modern age, make the Composers_FanShop collection unique. From Bach to Wagner, for one series they have all ‘generously made available’ their personal signatures for their fans. What is more, we have the ‘Composers Cloud’, which brings together the biggest compositional heavyweights in musical history in one motif, in the manner of the ‘tag clouds’ familiar from Web 2.0. Another series in the collection offers famous musical motifs from ‘B–A–C–H’ to the Tristan chord. And just to be sure that musical humour gets a look-in even in the fashion department, there are even a few illustrated viola jokes – so now even viola-players can be optimistic about new engagements: »A violist you need? – Available, I am!«

The products in this premium shop are made available in association with Spreadshirt, the leading platform for print on demand, which makes the sale of clothing and accessories on the internet possible. Composers_FanShop is responsible for the creation and marketing of the collection, while Spreadshirt takes care of the production side as well as handling deliveries and payments. The quality of Spreadshirt’s products has been attested by certificates such the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

The Composers_FanShop ‘speaks’ eleven languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Polish and Finnish.

The online shop caters for shipment within Europe, but deliveries to the USA and Japan can also be arranged upon payment of a supplement.