Composer: Yury Kunets
Arranger: Lee Holdridge
Piano: Yury Kunets
Orchestra: Münchner Symphoniker
Conductor: Lee Holdridge

2019 Solo Musica
1CD |D|D|D| SM 292
G/S/A Release Date: 06/2019
Int. Release Date: 07/2019
2019 — Choix de Classique HD (July)
2019 — Classique HD Album de la semaine (August)


01 Memories
Scoring: Piano – Orchestra
»A forgotten memory that suddenly overwhelms your mind is a common and familiar feeling, but can appear in many different forms. In the case of this piece, the music is reminiscent of the past. Nostalgia… It was pleasant for me to recall a fond, but unfortunately unrepeatable personal memory.« Yury Kunets

02 You
Scoring: Violin, Viola, Violoncello – Orchestra
»This piece of music is inspired by someone very close to me. Here, my wish was to convey the mood and character of the muse.« YK

03 Reflection
Scoring: Piano – Orchestra
»Here, I wanted to show a reflection not as a physical phenomenon, as in a mirror, but as a reflection of the spiritual being. The true image of what’s inside.« YK

04 Inspiration
Scoring: Piano – Orchestra
»I have always admired the beauty of moonlight! Its luminescence is fascinating: it possesses qualities of magic, divinity, melancholy and the mysterious.« YK

05 Forest
Scoring: Piano – Orchestra
»A forest is a very important, beautiful, living element of nature. It is full of fascinating sounds and aromas – murmuring trees, rustling bushes, fragrant flowers and herbs, singing birds and a deep and slumberous mysteriousness.« YK

06 Caprice
Scoring: Piano – Orchestra
»I wanted to show the more whimsical side of human nature in the form of music… Hopefully, the listener will identify elements of their personality in the various textures of the music.« YK

07 The Birth
Scoring: Piano – Orchestra
»The birth of a new, creative idea is a special feeling, beginning with secretive excitement and followed by joy, tenderness, hope and finally – silence.« YK

08 Fairy Tale
Scoring: Piano – Orchestra
»The hope for something good, looking to the future and enjoying the present! Because a part of every person believes in fairy tales – we all hope for miracles.« YK