Matthias Spindler (MSp) is an experienced music producer working with distinguished and internationally renowned classical musicians on their audio recordings. His productions won national and international awards (ECHO Klassik, ECHO Jazz, GRAMMY, Record Academy Prize etc.), gold record awards and reached top positions in classical charts.

As Associate Producer of Deutsche Grammophon (DG), Matthias Spindler has developed and supervised recording projects for numerous DG artists. Working in a close-knit team with the artists, their agencies and the DG management and staff has always been a great inspiration to him.

In connection with DG’s relocation from Hamburg to Berlin Matthias Spindler started 2011 a new chapter in his professional life.

As an independent Executive Producer, Matthias Spindler works for various artists and record companies. His range of services starts from the first planning stages to the release of the finished product.

Matthias Spindler also works as editor of performance material and arranger, gladly used by renowned artists for concerts and/or recordings. Some of his arrangements and editions are available as rental material via Compofactur MusikVerlag.

Matthias Spindler’s track record

Executive/Associate Producer
since 08/2011
Productions for various labels (DG, DHM, Idagio, Onyx, Solo Musica, Sony Classical)
13 products = 12 CDs + 1 DVD + 1 digital release

Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft mbH
09/2002 – 07/2011
47 products = 61 CDs + 6 DVDs


Recording Producer
since 12/2014
Productions for various labels (Atlas Réalisations, Sony Classical)
2 products = 2 CDs


Recording CoOrdinator
since 08/2011
Recordings for various labels (Atlas Réalisations, DG, DHM, Idagio, Onyx, Solo Musica, Sony Classical, Universal Classics Japan)
23 products = 23 CDs + 1 LP + 1 DVD + 1 digital release

Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft mbH
11/1999 – 07/2011
150 products = 167,5 CDs + 1 SACD + 4 Singles + 5 DVDs


Product Manager
since 08/2011
5 products = 4 CDs + 1 LP

Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft mbH
01/2006 – 07/2011
78 products = 70 CDs + 26 digital releases


Project CoOrdinator
Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft mbH
01/2005 – 03/2012
181 products = 175 CDs + 6 SACDs + 4 Singles + 26 digital releases


Team Player
since 08/2011
Support for various labels (Atlas Réalisations, Berlin Classics, BMS, DG, Solo Musica, Sony Classical)
28 products = 28 CDs + 1 LP + 5 DVDs

Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft mbH
07/1999 – 07/2011
74 products = 87 CDs + 5 DVDs + 1 eVideo


Music Publisher
Compofactur MusikVerlag
Est. 08/2011

Arrangements and editions of popular arias, orchestral songs and performance pieces.
Composers: Yury Kunets, Efraín Oscher, Mikhail Pletnev.


Music Engraver
Compofactur NotenSatz
Est. 07/1999

Scores for internationally renowned arrangers & composers, artists, orchestras, music festivals, labels, radio and TV networks as well as publishers of books and music editions.