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Welcome to the Compofactur WebSite!

Compofactur = A&R Consulting + Music Production + Music Publishing + Music Notation

Artists, records, composers and scores are our mission and passion.

Services for artists, orchestras & record companies:

  • A&R Consulting (classical music)
  • Development and orchestration of recordings
  • Repertoire research and concepts
  • Executive Production (Music Executive Producer)
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Label Management
  • Music Publishing
  • Music Notation
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Compofactur MusikVerlag Rental Catalogue
Matthias Spindler is also working as arranger and editor of music editions available at...
Schubert Lieder with Orchestra
In a certain sense orchestrated Lieder by Franz Schubert (1797–1828) could be considered as a...
The Kreisler Story
Composers: J.S. Bach · F. Kreisler · N. Paganini · E. Poldini · F. Schubert · G. Tartini · H....
CD recommendations
Below you will find some recordings with orchestrated Schubert Lieder
Edition canto fiorito
The Edition canto fiorito is a series in the development stage offering arias from the golden age...

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