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Welcome to the Compofactur WebSite!

Compofactur = A&R Consulting + Music Production + Music Publishing + Music Notation

Artists, records, composers and scores are our mission and passion.

Services for artists, orchestras & record companies:

  • A&R Consulting (classical music)
  • Development and orchestration of recordings
  • Repertoire research and concepts
  • Executive Production (Music Executive Producer)
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Label Management
  • Music Publishing
  • Music Notation
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Zur Systemdynamik des Übens
Martin Widmaier Zur Systemdynamik des Übens Differenzielles Lernen am Klavier Mainz 2016 Series:...
Compofactur MusikVerlag in concert – May 2016
Composer: Oscher, Efraín (*1974) Opus: Escenas del Sur Instruments: Vla · Cb Viola: Karoline...
FanPost ;-) »Hi Matthias, [...] It was wonderful meeting you, and thanks again for all your help...
Compofactur MusikVerlag Rental Catalogue
Matthias Spindler is also working as arranger and editor of music editions available at...
Compofactur Music Notation – CreditsList
Matthias Spindler edited scores for projects of and with the following arrangers & composers,...

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